Veterans Information

Are you a veteran, veteran’s spouse or a widow of a veteran? If so, please take a moment to read the following information regarding a Veteran Benefit Program that may benefit you: Aid and Attendance

What is Aid and Attendance?

Aid and Attendance a benefit available to eligible veterans and dependents who are entitled to VA pension or VA compensation. A VA compensation or pension benefit is awarded to a veteran determined to be in the need of the regular aid and attendance of another person to perform basic functions of everyday life.A veteran may qualify for Aid and Attendance benefits if he or she:

  • Is blind or so nearly blind as to have corrected visual field to 5 degrees or less
  • Is a resident in an assisted or independent living facility because of mental or physical incapacity
  • Proves a need for aid and attendance under established criteria
  • Is unable to perform tasks of daily living

Who is eligible for Aid and Attendance?

A veteran, dependent spouse, or surviving spouse who is determined to be in the need of the ongoing aid and attendance of another person, may be entitled to higher income limitations or additional benefits, depending on the type of benefit received. Veteran must have served 90 days with honorable discharge.

What income requirements are applied for eligibility?

$129,000 or less in assets for veteran and dependent
$80,000 or less in assets for individual veteran or individual widow

* Does not include house or car

Please ask us about this benefit if you are a veteran or widow of a veteran.

For more information please visit the Veteran’s Administration Website.

Pet Friendly

Country Manor encourages residents to bring their dog, cat, bird or fish when they make the move to our community. Ask us about how your faithful companion can become a resident of Country Manor too!

Tax Deductions

According to Section 213 of the Internal Revenue Code, residents may qualify for tax deductions for medical care if the expenses exceed 7.5% of the taxpayer’s adjusted gross income. In fact, the monthly fee of a senior living community is a medical expense if this level of care is prescribed by a licensed health care practitioner due to a medical condition. It further states that if a resident is living in an community because of a medical condition which requires them to be there, and meals and lodging are furnished, then the cost is considered a medical care expense.